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Newbie Question :)

who's talking here?

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funsize --- 11 years ago -

Hey guys,

I'm in Lejeune getting ready for the big move!

Does base housing (shadow mountain) come with a washer and dryer?

Our tenants want us to leave ours, but I won't if we will need it out there.

Also, while the good sales are going on this week I'm shopping for curtains (old time pottery has them for 5 BUCKS!

Does anyone know the window count for each room?

Sorry I'm such a newb! 

kElJoY --- 11 years ago -

Does base housing (shadow mountain) come with a washer and dryer?

No; just hook-ups.

Can't help you with the curtain question. 

DocsWife --- 11 years ago -

you might could call Lincoln Housing and ask.

or you could take a guess and say four windows per room. if you end up having more you could sell them or save them! that's a good deal!! 

imperfectly perfect --- 11 years ago -

i live in adobe we have 1 window in each bedroom 

funsize --- 11 years ago -

Its an awesome deal, I just got a whole croscril bathroom set there last night for 25 bucks.

I'm thinking since I can paint, and most everything will be white that I need color in curtains and such. 

Mary Swanson --- 11 years ago -

Shadow Mountain has no washer or dryers just hook ups.

There's different layouts but in ours we have a small window next to the front door that only takes 1 curtain, not everyone has that. 1 large window in the living room that takes 4 curtains. A sliding glass door in the livingroom/dining area that takes 2-3 curtains. 1 window in the laundry room, 1-2 curtains. 1 window in each bedroom takes 2-3 curtains. Thats our layout in shadow mountain 

IWearHisRank --- 11 years ago -

I haven't been able to put up curtain here, wayyyyyyy too many windows! I miss curtains! 

a1817354uu --- 11 years ago -

Funsize- we are stationed at cherry point right now and are also about to head to 29 palms in like 3 weeks. How do you already know what housing you are getting? I talked to lincoln and they acted like i cant apply until we get there. Also when you applied for housing did they give you an option of what housing you wanted and if so did you get your choice. 

funsize --- 11 years ago -

Well my DH is a SNCO and I was told we will get Shadow Mountain or Ocelltio Hights.

My DH is going out ahead of me while I rent out the House, so He will be able to sign for it :). 

a1817354uu --- 11 years ago -

funsize- so have you already applied for housing or is that something that he will be doing when he gets out there. Sorry for the questions. 

IWearHisRank --- 11 years ago -

He will be able to sign for it

But not until he checks in with his new unit. Right? 

funsize --- 11 years ago -

Yes, not till he is in the new unit. I was told we have a 3-8 week wait on housing. No biggie, I'm in NC till the house rents 

MrsH --- 11 years ago -

Well my DH is a SNCO and I was told we will get Shadow Mountain or Ocelltio Hights.

It won't be Shadow Mnt. That's now NCO housing. SNCO rates Joshua Heights, Copper Canyon, and one housing area on the Octillio side of base. 

Hollz --- 11 years ago -

Will you buy me some curtains. Thats a steal. :) 

funsize --- 11 years ago -

Mrs H,

Thanks for the info!!!

I really am wishing that they had single family homes.

Free hugs this is the web siteOld time 

Hollz --- 11 years ago -

Free hugs this is the web siteOld time

Thanks, I like you already :) 

kElJoY --- 11 years ago -

Oooo...nice prices. Thanks for the link. :) 

SuzieHomemakerEnviesMe --- 11 years ago -

I can't wait to visit thAt store when I go home for the holidAys! 

joe --- 11 years ago -

do you still feel like a 'newbie' funsize [lol] ?? It's been at least 20 days but now you're a medie [for medium lol] 

Plasticstars --- 11 years ago -

Not that I can see you wanting to paint a temporary home, but they do let you paint now! You just have to primer it before you leave. 

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