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I joined this crazy place on 2011-06-29, 11 years ago.

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I'm an East Coast Girl.

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Job For TEEN - 9 years ago

Looking for responsible teen to rake fallen leaves and pull weeds. $8-$15 an hour depending on job and teen. Will also feed lunch and let swim in in ground pool. We live in Yucca.

VENT - 10 years ago

Yeah, when I called they seemed pretty PO'ed that I would have to reschedule. My DH and I are each going to to be here when TMO is here but if you have any tips' I would love them :)

VENT - 10 years ago

I'm so mad, I did have job interviews lined up, but the two days I needed to be out there I will be sitting on my butt here in NC babysitting TMO Helpful that I get to go now, not helpful in that t...

VENT - 10 years ago

SO, DH's orders do not have me listed so TMO will not come get our things till the orders are changed :(


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POST YOUR - 10 years ago

I want the new Nano 8g for the gym

Single family homes on base? - 10 years ago

WE have kel :) he just was second guessing it for a few hours. We dont want a duplex with neighbor that are up late since we go to bed so early :)

Single family homes on base? - 10 years ago

ok, we both need to be up and out by 5 am so out in town it is! TT what was your comment about????

Single family homes on base? - 10 years ago

My Dh is e-6 and even though I've found a cute out in town rental he is convinced that base housing has single family homes for his rank. True? Not True? We don't want a duplex since we both wil...

do people feel this ? - 10 years ago

Anyone who spends 2+ hours in the gym every day just to look good seems a little selfish

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