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cell phone service?

who's talking here?

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WompADomp --- 9 years ago -

Which company has the besst service in 29 palms? Were PCSing from Okinawa to these will be our first real cell phones in 3 years! We're getting them in Chicago and wanted to make sure they weren't useless by the time we get to California. 

Shanna --- 9 years ago -

We have Verizon and seem to have service everywhere, except sometimes we have problems inside the MCX. We have had Verizon at Camp Pendleton, Yuma AZ, and now 29 Palms, and it's been great even in more remote areas. They even have a 15% military discount. 

Mari (Mod) --- 9 years ago -

Verizon here as well, we've been with them for 7 years (cell service), with no issues locally. 

Sair --- 9 years ago -

So far at Camp Wilson, only the guys we know with AT&T have reception. I have AT&T & I get reception up there and in the mountains between Yucca & Palm Springs which seem to be the two biggest trouble spots. If you guys will be up near Wilson, I would suggest that you go with them. 

Baybay --- 9 years ago -

The closest housing to Wilson is Ocotillo and Fairway Heights and all services work. However, if hubby works at Wilson, my hubby says AT&T works best, like Sair said. 

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