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girly --- 13 years ago -

I recceived this email from a friend yesterday and wanted to see if anyone on here can help thanks if you can please send me a pm.

There is a young woman from our church in 29 palms who is single and pregnant with twin boys. She is due the end of August but the doctor doesn't think she will make it that far. I'm not aware of the personal details but I have been asked to see if anyone might be able to help. Currently her needs are (new or used):

a crib with mattress (or pack/play or 2 bassinetts)
a double stroller (preferable not a side by side one)
basics - diapers, clothing, etc.
If you have any of these things new or used that you would like to donate or know someone who does please contact me ASAP 

CoachLover --- 13 years ago -

i have tons of baby bottles that she could have just buy new nipples. all come from a super clean home. also have a diaper cake that was given to me, never used it since i stuck with huggies diapers only. 

girly --- 13 years ago -

sent ya a pm coachlover!


CoachLover --- 13 years ago -

got it :)

i'll look for anything else. it she were having a girl i have bags and bags of stuff she could have.

i'll dig thru for anything nuetral that she can have 

girly --- 13 years ago -


BUMP BUMP for anyone that can help 

sharpeilover22 --- 13 years ago -

i have some onesies she can have that are neutral and boy. 

Steven --- 13 years ago -

I have bottles and diapers 

Callalilly --- 13 years ago -

I've got Newborn size diapers we never used because my daughter outgrew them, they're out of the package but you're welcome to have them. They've just been sitting in her changing table drawer going to waste. 

CareBear --- 13 years ago -

I have some newborn diapers out of the case too... some random huggies and walmart brand that we just never used. Not a ton, but I'm sure she could use whatever. :)

Unfortunately all my friends have baby boys so all of my son's clothes that he outgrew have already been passed on. 

Callalilly --- 13 years ago -

Just remembered, I also have some bottles. They're the Dr. Browns brand. We switched to a different brand so she can have those as well. 

JingleBells --- 13 years ago -

I just donated a bunch of stuff to the thrift store..dang it 

CountryGirl --- 13 years ago -

I just donated a bunch of stuff to the thrift store..dang it

So did I~ 

LilShutterbug --- 13 years ago -

I have a bag of clothes for a baby boy, but they are larger sizes (she can have them now and save them if she likes) and possibly a diaper bag.

I may have a few newborn items, but my son was only in newborn sizes for a week (he was 10 lbs) so I only bought a few outfits and I'm keeping a couple of them.

I have tons of hats/beanies I think.

I'll look through and you can pick up Tues morning if you want. 

ButterCup --- 13 years ago -

I have some baby boy clothes and a Pooh bassinet. I can not bring it to anyone since it will not fit in my car. We never used it for Joshua and now he has outgrown it, it has an attached mobile that plays music and has a night light. FREE to anyone who needs it!!!

Just send me a PM for my number 

ButterCup --- 13 years ago -

Girly has no internet at the moment so if u need her phone number plz pm me for it! Thanks 

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