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time warner cable question

who's talking here?

cdub 1
CaNdYcAnE 2
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stephanie --- 13 years ago -

Is there any other company we can get internet threw out here besides time warner? 

CaNdYcAnE --- 13 years ago -


greenday77e --- 13 years ago -

vontage?? did you mean vonage??
i was thinkin i havent heard of that one yet and maybe we should check it out :) 

*Really*you*think*so* --- 13 years ago -

I have time warner, but I use Verizon for internet 

greenday77e --- 13 years ago -

oh and we have our net through verizon right now. time warner i think is the fastest though.
anyone else know that, please correct me if im wrong. ♥limh♥ 

CaNdYcAnE --- 13 years ago -

we have TW and its good 

cdub --- 13 years ago -

we hate verizon.. counting down until our contract is up 

CountryGirl --- 13 years ago -

We have TW and it is really fast. 

DotComMyLife --- 13 years ago -

I have TW and I love it. 

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