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I joined this crazy place on 2009-04-27, 14 years ago.

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rental with no lease help - 12 years ago

[i]Once you brought up that the landlord was dating a 19 year old daughter and they had a falling out brings up that it just might be a retaliatory eviction . ILLEGAL ILLEGAL ILLEGAL!!!!!! Sounds like...

Pots & Pans - 12 years ago

My Rachel Ray set is made by Calphalon. i love it. Had it for more than a year.

Illegal’s Boycott Arizona By Leaving - 12 years ago

Haha, loved it. Maybe CA should take the hint.

What's the most affordable trailer/truck renting company?? - 12 years ago

We used Penske, it as 200 bucks for a truck. It didnt matter what size you got. We got the biggest, I wanna say it was a 26 foot truck. We had it for 2 days with unlimited miles.

Opinions.... - 12 years ago

On divorce papers there is a section that asked about military and if deployed just for this reason. If her your friends hubby wanted to he could have it thrown out because you cant being legal action...

Opinions.... - 12 years ago

My opinion was to send divorce papers to a war zone was wrong. That it can be dealt with when he gets back. Its not what they need to be thinking about while they have bullets flying at there head, bu...

Opinions.... - 12 years ago

Ok so I took this from the PUG. A girl comes on posting a question for a friend. She wants to know if you can file for divorce while your husband is deployed. During the post it has came out that he i...

the housing market... - 12 years ago

it is starting to slowly go back up. We were under on our house with the big drop by 50,000 but its only 10,000.

moving off base Cleaning. - 12 years ago

Dont waste your money hiring someone to come clean it for you, moving is already expensive with out the added expense.

moving off base Cleaning. - 12 years ago

We did a quarters to quarters move and it wasnt a big deal. The guy came during the pre-inspection and told us everything looked good, just clean it like you would any other day, and clean the carpets...

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