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*Really*you*think*so* --- 12 years ago -

Ok so I took this from the PUG. A girl comes on posting a question for a friend. She wants to know if you can file for divorce while your husband is deployed. During the post it has came out that he is in Afghanistan and he cheated on her, so she wants to send him divorce papers over there. Everyone seems to think this is ok to do. It came out that it cant be done legally, but everyone seems to think because he cheated it is ok to send him divorce papers while in a war zone. What do you think 

niki --- 12 years ago -

she shouldnt do that but i think its legally possible...my friends wife did that to him while he was on deployment 

*Really*you*think*so* --- 12 years ago -

My opinion was to send divorce papers to a war zone was wrong. That it can be dealt with when he gets back. Its not what they need to be thinking about while they have bullets flying at there head, but I am the only that thinks that way. Its into page 5 or 6 and everyone seems to think its ok. 

cdub --- 12 years ago -

yea im pretty sure she can. there's some relief act out there that may stop the process from happening though (or that may be only in custody cases). 

*Really*you*think*so* --- 12 years ago -

On divorce papers there is a section that asked about military and if deployed just for this reason. If her your friends hubby wanted to he could have it thrown out because you cant being legal action against someone who is deployed. 

cdub --- 12 years ago -

well, whats his job? maybe he's just admin and he's not experiencing that. everyone ahs a different opinion and maybe if u were in her shoes you'd do the same thing. once you get to that point of anger and hurt, you probably dont care what their situation is anymore. 

MrsH --- 12 years ago -

How does the wife know for sure he cheated? If he admitted it to her then he should be expecting the divorce papers. I'm sure it would easiest on the wife to leave while he's gone. 

Dimples --- 12 years ago -

What she should do is hand him divorce papers the minute he gets home. I've seen women who hand them over the minute he steps off the bus. Definitely wait until he's home. Even though he was a total douche for cheating he still needs to keep his head clear over there. 

cdub --- 12 years ago -

i dont think it can be completely thrown out, but postponed yea.
i havbe a friend who just went through this with her husband while he was deployed. he wasnt in afghan though. he was able to call and freeze papers until he got home, but they also have a child. 

5kids3dogs --- 12 years ago -

She can serve him he can stall the case until he returns stateside, or he can waive his rights, and depending on the state and the availibility and speed of mail and notary service on his end, they can divorce without him stepping foot in a court house. But it's all up to him. Soldier Sailors Relief act. Easy. 

Kerry --- 12 years ago -

If she has POA she can divorce herself it has been done before!!! Now no i don't think she should send them there but if she is serious about it have it ready and waiting for him. 

yellowroseTX --- 12 years ago -

Merry Kerry did you know the person who had poa and dud that because im almost 100% positive that is one thing you can't do with a poa. But maybe that's a state to state thing too. 

Kerry --- 12 years ago -

Yea we knew the guy hubby was best friends with him. this was back in 08 though when that happen. 

yellowroseTX --- 12 years ago -

Hmmm weird what state maybe it depends on the state. 

Kerry --- 12 years ago -

I have heard a few stories but don't know if they are true or not but we knew that one was becuz he actually came and stayed with us when he came back for a little bit 

01Marine01 --- 12 years ago -

You can file and serve them overseas and that deployment counts for that one year of mandatory separation that you have to have before it can be finalized. 

despicableme --- 12 years ago -

If he can stick his "pee" in a "vagee"(from superbad) while he is in a war zone then he can handle divorce papers. JMO 

Whats New --- 12 years ago -

If he can stick his "pee" in a "vagee"(from superbad) while he is in a war zone then he can handle divorce papers. JMO

Dimples --- 12 years ago -

Oh it was during the deployment??? That totally changes it. 

Valerie --- 12 years ago -

I agee SantaBaby. 

Beach Living --- 12 years ago -

If he can stick his "pee" in a "vagee"(from superbad) while he is in a war zone then he can handle divorce papers. JMO 

Totally Agree. 

cdub --- 12 years ago -

one year of mandatory separation that you have to have before it can be finalized.
it can be final before that.. depends on state 

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