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I joined this crazy place on 2009-02-13, 11 years ago.

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2 lost Pit Bulls by Oasis Elem. - 7 years ago

Is anyone missing 2 Pit Bulls (1 male 1 female)near Oasis Elem. & High School area? They have been roaming my street for the last couple of hours. They are friendly, have no collars on. If you know ...

Trophies...What to do with?? - 7 years ago

I have some older basketball & track trophies that need to find a new home. Does anyone know of any groups or clubs that would want them? Hate to just toss them in the trash. Thanks in advance.

Need to get paper Notarized TODAY! - 7 years ago

Anyone know where I get something Notarized today in 29 Palms?

Does Anybody Have Any.... - 8 years ago

Try going to www.spokeo.com. I've had pretty good luck with this site as far as finding family members of someone I'm looking for. It can be a little time consuming, but worth it if you find the per...

History of 29 - 8 years ago

I'm almost certain it was Peking Inn, but I could be mistaken. I do know without a doubt that the Chinese Restaurant that was at that location relocated to Adobe Road (across for the old Hollywood Vid...

Where's Joe? - 8 years ago

Glad to hear. I was getting a little concerned. Thanks

Where's Joe? - 8 years ago

Anyone heard from him in the last week or so??? I noticed he hasn't been posting anything. It's very unlike him to not be on here.

Robberies!! - 8 years ago

I live 1 block North of Oasis Elem. School and break ins seem to run in spurts on my street. Lately it's been people breaking into vehicles. Around Halloween time one evening someone came into my fr...

Kirby Door-to-Door is back:( - 8 years ago

Had a guy just come to the door trying to sell me a Kirby Vacuum. Heads up if you live near Oasis Elem. School. This guy was persistent, until his fear of dogs got the better of him. (My dog DID NOT...

Attn: Hollz Vacuum Repair - 8 years ago

You've got a clog somewhere between the beater bar and where it dumps into the canister/bag. I take a wire clothes hanger & undo it, take the end and gently feed it into the vacuum cleaner (I start fr...

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